Canoe trips

See: Incomplete list of my canoe trips

Some stories about canoe trips and canoes:

  • All quiet in Quetico (2016, November-December). Outpost, pp. 48-59. This article, featuring many photos, describes my ill-fated 1963 trip in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, and contrasts it with one on the same route 53 years later.
  • Quetico again On my first canoe trip to Quetico, I was too young to grow a beard. If I’d been able to do so, it would have been dark brown, almost black. On my second trip, just completed, I managed to grow a thick beard, this time all white. In the intervening 53 years Quetico has remained at […]
  • Canoeing to sanity? More and more do we realize that quiet is important to our happiness. In our cities the constant beat of strange and foreign wave lengths on our primal sense beats us into neuroticism, changes us from creatures who once knew the silences to fretful, uncertain beings immersed in a cacophony of noise which destroys sanity […]
  • The Canoe of Theseus Not long after I was born, the Chestnut Canoe Co. in Fredericton, New Brunswick built a 17′ 2″ Prospector model canoe. Chestnut was a leading builder of wood-and-canvas canoes, which unfortunately failed with the onslaught of inferior aluminum, fiberglass, and rubberized plastic imitations. The Prospector design is awesome. With no keel, wide ribs, and high gunwales, it can tackle […]
  • Canoe sculpture While we were in Austin last week we saw a dramatic 50-foot diameter structure composed of roughly 75 canoes and a few rowboats jutting out at various angles. The boats are suspended from a steel framework by cables, with […]
  • GSLIS canoe trip Photos from a GSLIS canoe trip on the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River (Wabash River tributary). There was another GSLIS trip on the same river the previous June. The Middle Fork is the only river in Illinois designated as a […]
  • Restoring the Chestnut The Chestnut canoe company of Fredericton, New Brunswick, was a preeminent producer of wood and canvas canoes. Teddy Roosevelt purchased their canoes for his South American expedition. Before aluminum, […]
  • Lac-Mégantic: beauty and death Tread softly because you tread on my dreams –W.B. Yeats About six weeks ago, Susan and I canoed in Maine, then made a brief excursion into Québec. Nature around Mont Mégantic We planned to visit the area around […]
  • Bow Trip The Bow Trip, near Jackman, Maine, has to be near the top of any list of great canoe adventures. It’s usually completed in only three days, or just one without camping gear, but it packs in lakes dotted with islands, hidden bays, squiggly  […]
  • Voyages with the Rob Roy I had shoulder surgery on August 18, so my days of paddling through rapids or hoisting a canoe on my shoulders need to be postponed. As a substitute, I’ve been reading A thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe on […]
  • Why I like to use walking poles OK. I know it looks strange, but here are a few reasons I like to use walking poles: If I don’t have a baby or a dog with me, it provides something to talk about with strangers. It add ten years to the usability of my […]

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