My work centers on democratic education: How can we guide the educational enterprise by an ethical vision, not simply a technocratic one of transmitting isolated facts and skills? Democratic education seeks to foster critical, socially-engaged citizens through learning environments––schools, universities, libraries, museums, community centers, workplaces––which are themselves democratic.

For me, this has meant a philosophical perspective coupled with community-based work. This occurs through extended stays and continuing collaboration in Nepal, Romania, Turkey, Ireland, Haiti, Australia, China, as well as in the US.

My background in computer science enhanced my interest in the promise, as well as the perils, that information and communication technologies offer for understanding, representing, and transforming our lived experiences. That has led to explorations of a variety of questions regarding the nature of knowledge, democratic participation, community, technology, and literacy. It has led to research across many sub-fields of education, as well as computer science, bioengineering, philosophy, writing studies, and community development.

Aspects of this work include

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