Curriculum vitae

Bertram (Chip) Bruce 
Professor Emeritus
Information Sciences
University of Illinois

Bertram C. Bruce is a Professor Emeritus in Information Sciences at the University of Illinois. He is a leading researcher on democratic education, asking how we can guide education by an ecological, humanistic, and ethical vision.

His background includes a BA in biology, a PhD in computer science, positions in industry and at several universities.

In 2007-08, he held a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the National College of Ireland, focusing on inquiry-based learning. In recent years, he’s worked on progressive education in Nepal, especially through King’s College, Kathmandu.

His latest book (2022) is Beyond the classroom walls: Imagining the future of education, from community schools to communiversities

This book asks readers to adopt a critical and comprehensive view of education (pre-K to lifelong learning) as existing both within classroom walls, and in the surrounding world, including communities and workplaces. It presents an integrated view of online learning, community schools, communiversities, and learning through work.

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