Discoveries (1995) is a series of four interactive CD-ROM programs for Grades 3-6 (ages 8-12). It includes hypertext, panoramic images, and immersive technology in a pre-web ecology.

img_3975Into the Forest (Great Smoky Mountains National Park) [ISBN 0-669-36168-2]

Editor: Grace Talusan
Designer: Angela Sciaraffa
Logo: Pamela Esty
Cover photo illustration: Daniel Derdula

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Electronic Quills: A situated evaluation of using computers for writing in classrooms

Quill bookQuill was a suite of software tools designed to foster an environment for literacy in classrooms. We wrote it in Pascal for the Apple II computer. The software, teacher’s guide, and workshops were used widely, including in village schools in Alaska, which I visited three times during the project in 1983-84. Carol Barnhardt played a major role in setting up that Alaska project and in helping us understand the history and context of schooling in Alaska.
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