Progressive and democratic education, semi-retirement (Professor Emeritus), 2011-present

I retired from the University of Illinois in 2010, but continue to teach, write, and work with community-based projects.

I’ve continued to work on many of the same problems that I did at Rice, U Texas, Rutgers, BBN, and U Illinois, with a growing emphasis on democratic learning.

International teaching and research

This work has led to collaborations on extended projects as a Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Ireland, and in a diverse group of other nations––China, Australia, Haiti, Turkey, France, Germany, Romania, Finland, Sweden, and Cyprus.

This work was done in part in Turkey, through various trips, including a Fulbright grant at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU). It was at COMU that I worked with Mustafa Eryaman on the International Handbook of Progressive Education. I also visited Ebru Aktan’s innovative Children’s House and wrote for her collection on early childhood.

I’ve also worked in Nepal, both online and through three in-person multi-month trips. This included visits to schools and workshops on Progressive education in Nepal, with Narottam Aryal, Raunak Chaudhari, Smriti Karanjit Manandhar, and others.


In the last few years I have continued to make presentations through video links.

I’ve also been writing more, including blog posts, journal articles, and books. Recent books include:

and worked on a translation of Jane Addams’s book: Démocratie et éthique sociale (2019), with Céline Jung, Bernard Jung.

An active project now is a symposium: Democratic Education in the 21st Century, 2020-present, with Andy Kaplan. It includes several issues of the journal, Schools: Studies in Education, online and in=person meetings, and a possible book.