Boats unit, 2015

Toy ocean, cc 1940 liner
Toy ocean liner, cc 1940

The Boats Project is a collaborative effort to enhance opportunities for learning and fun for all ages.

It’s centered on the Lower Cape, but many of the activities could be done anywhere or adapted for other situations, including both formal and informal learning.

The inspiration is an integrated curriculum unit developed in the 1920s at the Lincoln School of Teachers College in New York City. That unit involved multiple disciplines, including arts, design, literature, history, cultural studies, math, science, economics, engineering, and more. It was experiential and community-based, extending across years and grade levels.

You can read about the original Boats unit, current activities, and plans for a modern-day version of the unit below. Please comment here or contact me directly if you have ideas about the unit or would like to become involved with the larger project.

More on Boats

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