Fresh dolma

I’ve been fortunate to have encountered friendly people nearly everywhere I’ve traveled.

This includes people who have legitimate concerns with US foreign policy, see much of American culture as both boorish and hegemonic, and see Americans as naive but arrogant. Where did they get such impressions?! But even those who think that way recognize the difference between a nation and an individual.

This has been especially evident in Turkey. People everywhere have been extraordinarily friendly. For example, we discovered some excellent dolma (stuffed grape leaves) in a supermarket deli section in Yalikavak.

Yesterday, we went back to get some more. The young man behind the counter offered one for a taste. Again, they were delicious, so I asked for a full container of about 20. He prepared those and sent me off with a smile.

A few minutes later, he called me over. A fresh batch had just been prepared. He asked for the container back, and filled a new one with even fresher dolma. It was unnecessary, unrequested, but I very much appreciated both the gesture and the freshest possible selection. All this in spite of our rudimentary Turkish.

There are many other examples. At the moment, we’re using wifi/internet for free in a little café, Leleg Restaurant, in Gümüslük. It wasn’t advertised as an option, but the owner recognized our need and quickly endeavored to help us out.

PS: We ordered some çay (black tea) to drink while we used the internet. When I asked how much we owed the owner refused to take a single lira for çay or internet.

2 thoughts on “Fresh dolma

  1. The people recognize Chip as a very fine representative of humanity, one that listens and one that cares; welcome human strengths in any country.

    I am happy that you are enjoying your self so much and being so successful in your international relationships.


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