Healthy communities bibliography

  • Faust, Linda A. Blanchard, Lynn W. Breyfogle, Dale A. Baroni, Jill K. Reed, Rajika E. Young, Mark J. (2005, Winter). Discussion suppers as a means for community engagement. Journal of Rural Health, 21(1), 92-95. How a large tertiary care urban hospital used discussion suppers as a means for community engagement designed to lead tocommunity health improvement.
  • Gubrium,Aline (2009) Digital Storytelling: An Emergent Method for Health Promotion Research and Practice. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 186-191.
  • Lee, Peter R., Ralph Fuccillo, Thomas J. Wolff. (2000, Mar.-Jun.). Key components of a statewide healthy communities effort. Public Health Reports (1974-), 115(2/3), 134-138.
  • Mcintyre, Alice (2003) Through the Eyes of Women: photovoice and participatory research as tools for reimagining place. Gender, Place and Culture, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 47-66.
  • Narsavage, Georgia L. Batchelor, Holly. Lindell, Deborah. Chen, Yea-Jyh (2003, Nov.-Dec.). Developing personal and community learning in graduate nursing education through community engagement. Nursing Education Perspectives, 24(6), 300-05. Nov-Dec 2003. Journals and a survey of 93 nursing students involved in community engagement through service learning projects indicated that 90.9% agreed service learning helped their understanding of the community role.
  • Saskatchewan health care. Provnicial government account of why and how Saskatchewan established universal health care. See also my Opening the door to single-payer health care.
  • Wang, Caroline C. (1999) Photovoice: A Participatory Action Research Strategy Applied to Women’s Health. Journal of Women’s Health. Vol 8, no. 2.

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