Community archives bibliography

  • Anyon, Yolanda, John W. Gardner, and María A. Fernández. 2007. Realizing the Potential of Community-University Partnerships. Change, 39(6), 40-45. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 7, 2008). Discusses the potential of community and university partnership to bring growth and development both in the community and its residents.
  • Ball, Mary Alice and Schilling, Katherine. Service Learning, Technology and LIS Education. Source: Journal of Education for Library and Information Science v. 47 no4 (Fall 2006) p. 277-90. Examines the possibilities inherent in utilizing LIS technology for the purposes of service-learning and community engagement.
  • Bracken, Susan J. 2007. “The importance of language, context, and communication as components of successful partnership.” New Directions for Community Colleges 2007, no. 139: 41-47. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 7, 2008). Successful community-university partnerships are usually attributed, at least in part, to clear communication processes. This chapter reflects on language and context as elements in developing a strong partnership process.
  • Butin, Dan W. “Focusing Our Aim: Strengthening Faculty Commitment to Community Engagement” [Journal Articles. Reports – Descriptive] Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning. v39 n6 p34-37 Nov-Dec 2007. Addresses the idea that faculty achievement must be one of the central incentives in an engaged academic environment in order for the movement to expand.
  • Eales, Kathy. 1998. Community archives: Introduction.” S. A. Archives Journal 40: 11. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 7, 2008). Background on the workshop on community archives convened by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of South Africa (GALA) and the South African History Archives in 1998 forming part of the project dubbed `Refiguring the Archives.’ Background on GALA; Workshop goals; Guest speakers; Themes of the presentations; Attendees; Difference of the community from the traditional archive.
  • Densho Project. A website and archive chronicling the plight of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps during World War II.
  • Manilatown Heritage Foundation. Website dedicated to Filipinos in America. The physical site is based in San Francisco.
  • Champaign County Archives. Website for Champaign County, Illinois. It houses personal records created by the people of Champaign as well as official records by Champaign County government.
  • American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Alliance for Regional Stewardship, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems. (2006) “Tools and Insights for Universities called to Regional Stewardship.” Presents engaged campus in the big-picture. This article is similar to the “Returning to Our Roots” article, but a bit more current.
  • Flinn, Andrew. 2007. “Community Histories, Community Archives: Some Opportunities and Challenges.” Journal of the Society of Archivists 28, no. 2: 151-176. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 7, 2008). This article will examine the community archive movement, exploring its roots, its variety and present developments. It will identify the possible impact on the national archival heritage, particularly on the many gaps and absences in that contemporary heritage, of community archive materials and examine some of the opportunities and challenges that these initiatives present to the mainstream profession.
  • Lekhutile, Scobie. 1998. “Community participation.” S. A. Archives Journal 40: 16. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 7, 2008). Highlights the role that communities play in the changing society of South Africa discussed in the series of workshops forming part of the national project `Refiguring the Archives.’ Efforts of the Khama III Memorial Museum to serve the community; Role of community archives in the society; Ways of ensuring the accessibility to community archives; Practical difficulties in establishing and sustaining community archives.
  • Immigration History Research Center. An example of an institution working with various communities in establishing their archives. it is not necessarily community archiving but more institutional working with communities.

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