IBL: Before week 1: What do we know about learning?

Before Week 1

(1) Create

First, without using any extra resources, take this Internet quiz (adapted from one created by Christian Sandvig). Then, use whatever methods you select—read a book, ask a friend, go online, calculate, guess, etc.—to investigate each question. See whether you can improve your answers when you take the quiz a second time. Note what helped you to learn more, and also note any unexpected learning.

  1. How do I make my own Web site ?
  2. What news source produced the most retweeted tweet in 2010?
  3. How much money did YouTube user David Devore Sr. make from his home video upload “David After Dentist”?  (100m views)
  4. What’s a “PUI”?
  5. What key Internet technology was invented by a University of Illinois undergraduate student?
  6. What modern programming language was designed for 8-year-olds but is used by computer scientists?
  7. What is the world’s priciest Internet address?
  8. What’s the most popular Web browser in Zimbabwe?
  9. The work of what singer was used to calibrate the sound of the mp3?
  10. What kind of Web site is most likely to be censored?
  11. Why does that one ad keep following me around the Internet?
  12. Which two words impelled 78% of people to click them (on one of the Web’s first banner ads)?
  13. How would the German Telemediengesetz apply to the experience a famous novelist had in 2011 with a social media site?

(2) Investigate

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