Investigate: Analysis of a civic renewal movement

This assignment is to analyze a civic renewal movement and its connection to your community. This could be some movement that you are interested in personally, or one that you see of concern to people in your community.

You may do the investigation in collaboration with another class member or someone in your local community. If it addresses a concrete community need, all the better. Think of the investigation as something one would want to do in a full community engagement, even if your own role at this time is limited.

The analysis could be based on various sources of information:

  • An interview with one or more community members, or leaders of existing efforts in the community
  • Readings, including, but not limited to, those on the corresponding section of the Community Inquiry Bibliography
  • Websites with resources on the movement
  • Your own direct experiences
  • Your organization’s mission, or identified needs in the area

Post your analysis on the forum Investigate forum, ideally with a link to its text file or web page. Please comment on the investigations posted by others. There will be an opportunity for some of these investigations to be shared in class as well.

Due: Sep. 15, 5 pp. (1500 words), 20%

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