Selecting posters to feature on the CII site

The Community Informatics Initiative (CII) features a set of posters representing its work and that done by various partner organizations, projects, and students. These posters undergo a vetting process to ensure that they are interesting, informative, reflective of the values of CII, and are technically sound. Once approved they enter a permanent archive, which is accessible through the CII website.

The review process consists of two CII members studying a submitted set of electronic versions of the posters and rating them on a 1-5 scale. This scale is subject to revision, but currently appears as follows:

  1. Poster has major flaws in terms of content or presentation, essentially not standing as a good representation of CII work.
  2. Poster has some useful and appropriate content, but is confusing, difficult to interpret, or is otherwise not a good example to feature.
  3. Poster has useful and appropriate content, is generally clear, but needs work to be one that communicates effectively. It may have technical problems such as image alignment or mis-spellings.
  4. Poster has good content, which is well presented. It qualifies for the archive, but it falls short of the exemplary standard of #5. It may speak to a narrow audience, or make assumptions that do not hold for general viewers. Or, it may be repetitive of other posters that present similar ideas more effectively.
  5. Poster makes an effective presentation of a CII project, community, movement,  tool, or issue. It is clearly and attractively presented and communicates effectively to a wide ranges of viewers. It is the type of poster that CII participants would proudly identify as representative of the work that CII does.

In order to enter the archive, the poster must receive two 5’s or at least one 4 and one 5. If yours is selected, you will have the option of allowing it to be included. In general, any poster judged not ready for the featured section may be revised and resubmitted for the next round of review.

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