Create: A poster

This assignment is to create a poster about community engagement in your own community. Ideally it would be created by, for, and with a community group. You may also create it in collaboration with another class member. To the extent that it focuses on a single movement or tool, that can be same as the one you’ve used on other assignments.


  • The poster should be 14″ by 20″, either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • The poster can be simple, text only, but feel free to use your imagination with photos, diagrams, and other visual elements.
  • Be careful with using dark or image backgrounds that make it hard to read the text.
  • Don’t have too much text, even for a text-only poster. 500 words is probably a good maximum.
  • Save the poster as a .pdf, .ppt, or .key file.

Post a link to your poster in .pdf, .ppt, or .key format on the forum Create forum. Please share your comments and suggestions there for other posters.

During the 490 CEL on campus day on Friday, October 16, we will have a structured poster session. You’ll have 2-3 minutes to describe your poster. Then other students will have an opportunity to view it more closely and ask questions.

We may also invite a representative from the Community Informatics Initiative to review the posters and select those appropriate for the CII archive. If yours is selected, you will have the option of allowing it to be included.

Due: At the latest by Friday, Oct. 11, the Sunday prior to the 490 CEL on campus day. If for any reason you cannot do that, print out the poster yourself and bring it to the 490 CEL on campus day. 20%

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