Schedule, IBL

Note: What follows is just suggestive. It’s from an offering two years ago, and will be updated for 2017. The final schedule is on the course Moodle.

May 17: Introductions

  • Participants
    • Share something about yourself
    • What brings you to the course?
    • Do you have a special interest in some type of learning (topic, setting, population)?
    • Do you have a question about inquiry-based learning?
    • Do you have other goals, such as career or thesis preparation?
  • The course
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Reflect and Discuss: Significant learning experience
    • Reflect on a learning experience that was especially significant for you
    • It could be one you had in school/university, or in some other setting such as home, church, work, a museum, summer camp, online, travel, etc.
    • Jot some notes, just to help you remember the circumstances

May 24: Unit study of boats

May 31: Progressive education (no synchronous session this week)

Jun 7: Inquiry-based curricula

Jun 14:

  • Past Masters (Addams, Dewey, Emerson, Wittgenstein, and many more)
  • Discussion to Moodle, WP pages
  • Post contributions (bios, inquiry units, etc) on Moodle
  • Commentary on another’s contribution (1 point)
  • Unit study of Demystifying social ↔︎ technology (Martin Wolske)

Jun 21:

Jun 28:

Jul 5: (no synchronous session this week)

  • Review Donnan and Mitchell articles; Int’l Handbook of PE introduction
  • More on means and ends
    • other possible ends: harmony; understanding & appreciation of nature; creativity; courage; teamwork/self-reliance
    • long-term v short-term (cf. Twinkle twinkle little star)
    • duality of ends: tolerance/nationalism; stratification/equalization; obedience/free thinking
    • assumptions: cultural appreciation -> whose culture?
    • multiple ends within a system (cf. Bowles & Gintis’s Schooling in capitalist America)
    • survey of means
    • example means/ends: learning by design; direct v minimally-guided instruction
    • an ecology of means (cf. Bruce, Eastburn, & D’Arcy, How media ecologies can address diverse student needs)
    • stated, hidden, enacted curricula
    • questions, comments, discussion?
  • How can we learn to read critically?
  • Easley assumptions

Jul 12:

  • Portfolio evaluation; point system (the Fitbit and Pickleball)
  • Life as it is: “We always live at the time we live and not at some other time, and only by extracting at each present time the full meaning of each present experience are we prepared for doing the same thing in the future.” ―John Dewey, Experience and Education
  • Ralph Tyler: Eight-year study, NAEP, Taylorism
  • student projects
  • Aki’s days of the month
  • IBL questions: all the time? individual v community? means-ends?
  • More messing about with boats
  • Amos Pettingill
  • course evaluation

Jul 19:

Jul 26:

Aug 2:

Readings for 590 IBL will be adapted from the Inquiry-based learning resources and the Community inquiry bibliography, depending upon student interests. The chart below is just to suggest one possible set. (Click to enlarge).


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