Inquiry-based learning assignments

Assignments in the course are designed to promote collaborative inquiry, but also to allow for individual differences in goals, interest, background, and schedule. The contributions address various facets of inquiry-based learning (IBL) or the means to facilitate it.

The assignments are organized by genres of contributions to our class collaborative website. Each contribution may be drafted, shared with the class, and revised until it meets a minimum standard. At that time the points are credited, even though there may be further revision later.

At the end of the course, you’ll be asked to present a brief report pointing to the contributions you have made and the points they deserve. For example, you might include “I wrote a review comparing three articles on inquiry-based learning. It’s posted in the Moodle discussion for July 10, and is worth 5 points.”

Unit study report. Report on your participation in a unit on the lessons learned. (3 points)

Biographies of important educators involved with IBL, emphasizing the relevance for today. These may include famous figures such as Lucy Sprague Mitchell, or lesser known ones whose work is worthy of study. (3 points)

Descriptions of sites for IBL, such as particular schools, libraries, museums, or online venues. (3 points)

Issues. These might include challenges for IBL, such as resistance from parents regarding new methods of teaching and learning. (3 points)

History. (3-6 points)

Tools (e.g., Fab Lab). (3 points)

Keywords. Discussion of a keyword for inquiry-based learning, such as “experience.” (1-3 points)

Synthesis review of two or more articles/books. (5 points)

New media format presentation. For example, YouTube or myHistro. (3-10 points)

Development of a simple IBL unit  (3 points). Tryout and report on the the unit  (5 points)

Commentary on the contribution of another student. (1 point)

Editors. Serving as an editor for any of the genres (sections) above. (5 points)


  • 24 points for A-level, four-credit hours. 12 points for A-level two-credit hours.
  • The 3-point contributions are typically 500-1000 words.
  • The actual writing for any of the contributions may be done collaboratively.
  • No one is required to post their work publicly.

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