Distributed Knowledge Research Collaborative (DKRC), 1999-2003

The Distributed Knowledge Research Collaborative (DKRC) is a consortium of individuals and groups dedicated to the study of how knowledge is produced, shared, negotiated and co-constructed within distributed communities, and the ways in which technologies support these exchanges.


DKRC members assume that understanding distributed knowledge processes requires the perspectives and methodologies of multiple disciplines. Our consortium members and approaches are multidisciplinary, drawing from and contributing to the sociology of scientific knowledge, computer mediated communication studies, social network analysis, information science, management, education, and writing studies.

The DKRC operates on the assumption that some knowledge processes, at least, can be distributed, including our own. Several of the consortium projects are distributed–by discipline, time, and geography. It was most active during 2003-06 at the University of Illinois.


The DKRC page incorporates technologies developed with the Inquiry Page and other members of the Information Systems Research Lab (ISRL).

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