Technology-enhanced learning, 1968-present

An important focus of my research has been studies of new literacy practices, for example, the learner-centered taxonomy of media use. It is represented in books including Network-based classrooms: Promises and realities (Bruce, Peyton, & Batson, 1993) and Electronic Quills: A situated evaluation of using computers for writing in classrooms (Bruce & Rubin, 1993).

It also includes building environments to support learning. These include

  • Inquiry Page, a website, a set of communities, and a research project on inquiry;
  • Biology Student Workbench, an interactive resource to support investigations in molecular biology and evolution;
  • Chickscope, a project in which students engage with a community of inquiry as they use remote instrumentation to study chicken embryology;
  • Quill, tools and environments to support literacy learning; Statistics Workshop, an interactive system for learning statistical reasoning;
  • Discoveries, a series of CD-ROM-based multimedia environments for supporting students’ inquiries in science and social studies.