Plane crash in Pokhara

I woke up to the disturbing news of a plane crash in Pokhara, Nepal. There are 68 confirmed dead.

The crash was at the just opened international airport. In order to build it, they had to take the tops off some nearby hills, or what we’d call mountains.

Rescue operations are difficult there because of the terrain and the lack of equipment.

Susan and I flew in and out of Pokhara several times. It’s a beautiful place. We’ve canoed (more properly, doonga-ed) on Fewa Lake shown here.

Pokhara is sometimes described as a “resort town,” which it is, but it’s also Nepal’s second largest city after Kathmandu, and a major center for industry.

2 thoughts on “Plane crash in Pokhara

  1. Chip – you and Susan were my second thoughts when I saw this yesterday. The developing countries have so many challenges to get into the modern world. Certainly, airports in developing countries like Pokhara (never been there) are an experience. A mountainous country like Nepal has even bigger challenges. I have been to enough remote airports, that I well understand the relief expressed by the clapping with a successful landing! I think they still clap in Italy. What does that say about Italy?

    Just to let you know I was thinking of the Nepalis and you when hearing this news.




  2. Thats sad. Your second home country has so many problems, it doesn’t need this added to it. K ________________________________


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