Community as Intellectual Space, 2009

CI_2008The fifth annual Community as Intellectual Space Symposium will be held on June 12-14 at La Estancia on 2753 W. Division Street, Paseo Boricua, Chicago, Illinois.

The theme of the symposium is Critical Pedagogy: Community Building as Curriculum. As professionals and institutions are engaging with communities to enhance the life chances and well-being of residents, the conference examines how community-building and critical pedagogy can offer effective and sustainable change, locally and among collaborators as well.

BateyThe keynote speaker this year is Antonia Darder, a Professor at the University of Illinois in Educational Policy Studies and Latino/a Studies. There will be presentations and workshops on

The conference also offers Batey Urbano‘s production of Crime against Humanity, screenings of original documentaries filmed on Paseo Boricua, community tours, and art exhibits.

Community as Intellectual Space is co-organized by the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center (Chicago) and the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Continuing Professional Development Units (CDPUs), academic course credit for those who enroll in UI’s LIS590 CIO, and registration scholarships available.

2 thoughts on “Community as Intellectual Space, 2009

  1. Tony, I look forward to exploring your website! If you’re still around next June you could come to the Sixth symposium. If not, there are still other events at Paseo Boricua, and we’d love to have you visit Champaign-Urbana. –Chip


  2. Kia ora from New Zealand,Professor Bruce,
    I would love to be able to come to your Symposium this June, but sadly I will not be in the States until mid-July. I am just about to take up a one-year Wiepking Distinguished Visiting Professorship at MiamiU, Oxford, Ohio, working in Psychology, Architecture and Educational Leadership, and won’t be in the area until mid-August. Damn! I was especially disappointed when I saw that Antonia Darder was your keynote speaker. The symposium topic is right up my street, having taught community design in Architecture schools in Britain, the US (Berkeley) and New Zealand for more than 40 years – 20 of those working in the Maori community. Please check out my website. It has more than 60 freely downloadable PDFs on critical pedagogy, critical theory and critical practice in a wide range of disciplines. I believe that you will find it interesting. In particular there is an upcoming book chapter there on Hegemony and the Web – looking at the so-called digital divide. It was written for an upcoming book by Ruth Rikowski on Digital librarianship. It was a bit outside my normal field of study so you may find it a little superficial, but I enjoyed being stretched.

    Anyway, have a look and if you like what you see please let me know and perhaps we can communicate further during my year at MiamiU.

    Please pass on my best wishes to Antonia.

    Tony Ward.


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