Radoslav Lorković

radoslav11radoslav2We attended a wonderful concert at the Estabrooks’ house last Friday. Radoslav Lorković performed a wide variety of vocal and instrumental (piano and accordion) pieces, with a theme of life along the river.

His selections included songs by Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Joe Price, and George Gershwin, as well as many of Radoslav’s own compositions. I especially liked “Blues in C Minor” from his album, Clear and Cold and also a Croatian song about a fisherman mending his nets on the Dalmatian coast.

Drawing from a multitude of influences ranging from elegant classical and jazz styles to the rawest, most basic blues, country and soul, Radoslav Lorković has taken on an unusually broad musical spectrum and refined it into his distinctive piano style. His tenure on the R&B and folk circuits has culminated in five critically acclaimed solo recordings and numerous appearances on the recordings of and performances with artists including Odetta, Jimmy LaFave, Ribbon of Highway Woody Guthrie Tribute, Greg Brown, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, Dave Moore, Andy White and Bo Ramsey. His twenty year touring career has led him from the taverns of the upper Mississippi River to the castles of Italy, The Canary Islands, The Yup’ik villages of Alaska and Carnegie Hall.


via Radoslav Lorkovic – Personal Profile.

[photos by Leigh Estabrook]

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