the informal education site

Here’s a vote for on a big election day in the US: When needing to investigate the topic of multiculturalism recently, I was reminded again of the site, a great starting point for “exploring the theory and practice of informal education, lifelong learning and social action.” The articles are well-written and have good source lists. For example, see ‘race’ and difference – developing practice in lifelong learning, a recently updated piece by Mark K. Smith.

infed (the informal education homepage) was established in 1995 as an open, independent and not-for-profit site.

Put together by a small group of educators, it is now accessed around 6 million times a year.

a space to explore

Our aim is to provide a space for people to explore the theory and practice of informal education, social action and lifelong learning. We want to encourage educators and animateurs to develop ways of working and being that foster association, conversation and relationship.

via about us @ the informal education homepage

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