“Club Ed: This University Is at Your Service”

Thomas Bartlett writes in the Chronicle about High Point University in North Carolina, which takes student services to a new level. It’s a stark contrast to the idea of student service discussed at the conference on The student as the axis of change in the university, or Dewey’s idea of The school as social center. As we continue on the path to a greater divide between rich and poor, I imagine we’ll see copies of High Point’s approach accompanied by increasing irrelevance of universities to the world around.

Lots of colleges treat students like customers. But how many have an ice-cream truck? And valet parking? And a concierge desk? And an enormous hot tub in the middle of the campus?

Not too many. Actually, only one: High Point University.

This once-sleepy institution in the hills of North Carolina has undergone a revival in the last couple of years, thanks in part to its jaw-dropping menu of student services. Behind it all is High Point’s president, Nido R. Qubein, a motivational speaker and businessman who believes that the customer (that is, the student) should be not only satisfied, but wowed.

Club Ed: This University Is at Your Service – Chronicle.com.

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