Digital storytelling

Through the Digital Literacy in Irish Primary Schools (DLIPS) project, I’ve been visiting primary schools in the Liberties area of Dublin. I’m also visiting 24 infant, primary, and post-primary schools in the Docklands area through Technology in Docklands Education project. This has given me a wonderful opportunity to see a wide variety of learning technologies and ways of organizing classroom learning. Many of the most successful classroom projects have involved some version if digital storytelling (see the photo story entries).

You can get a flavor of these projects from an RTE video at the Francis St CBS (primary level), one of the schools I’ve worked in:

The Digital Hub Learning Initiative has supported this classroom and a variety of others in the area, as well as community groups. One overarching project is Digital Hub FM, a community radio station. Community members of all ages receive training in radio production and then carry out the research, broadcasting, and station management themselves. The broadcasts include music, entertainment, discussion, local history, and youth programs.

There’s a large set of videos posted on YouTube describing the Learning Initiative’s work, including this good introduction:

2 thoughts on “Digital storytelling

  1. It’s good to hear that they’ll be useful for the Summer Institute. I’d welcome comments from the participants, by whatever medium–email, in person, or directly as comments on the blog itself. –Chip


  2. Hi Chip,
    These are great stories. Since we don’t have speakers in the Writers Workshop, I’ll have to catch up on the videos at home.
    We’ll have to save some of your postings to use in the Summer Institute which will focus on digital literacy. We’re excited to be interviewing 25 applicants.
    Wish you were here to help us plan!


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