Our new vanagain with the top up

Caravan Outfitters has created a great vehicle. It’s a Backroad conversion, based on the Mercedes Metris van.

One complication was that we needed to have it shipped across the country, but that all went smoothly.

We’re very pleased with the new purchase. We expect to make good use of it in these times, avoiding air travel and most stays in hotels.

You can see some photos of its arrival and early voyages here.



Sleeping in the new VW camper

Stephen & Emily in the VW

Stephen & Emily in the VW, some time later

From the “Kid Talk” file (June, 1990), when Emily and Stephen were 4 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old:

We just got the new VW camper. E and S wanted to sleep in it the first night.

D: The problem is, I’d have to sleep in it, too.
E: Why?
D: Because I can’t leave you guys alone.
E: We wouldn’t be alone. I’d be with Stephen and he’d be with me.