NIH Research Resource on Computers in Biomedicine, 1971-74

Saul Amarel writes,

In 1971, Bertram (Chip) Bruce joined our department after completing his Ph.D with Bob Simmons at the University of Texas in natural language processing.

His interests included language understanding processes and knowledge representation frameworks with capabilities for handling time. His work on the CHRONOS knowledge representation system, on Case Systems for natural language, and on belief-guided language understanding (Bruce, 1975) was done as part of the core research in the Resource.

Bruce made an important contribution by introducing the LISP culture to Rutgers. CHRONOS was the first relatively large AI system implemented in LISP in the Resource (Bruce, 1973).

Amarel, Saul. 1985. “The History of Artificial Intelligence at Rutgers.” The AI Magazine, Fall 1985.