Technologies for learning

We’ll use various technologies to address specific learning needs. General course content is available and public via WordPress. Exchange of private documents is via Moodle. Real-time communication is via Blackboard Collaborate (aka Elluminate).

Below are some details about these and other resources:

  • Readings. Most of the readings are online. The complete set is listed, with links to actual articles, in the Community inquiry bibliography. Articles for each specific week will appear in the course Schedule.
  • Posts from my my own blog. Appear on the same WordPress site, and also on the upper part of the right sidebar on the Moodle course page. These posts are often directly relevant to our discussions in class. I’ll continue the blog after the semester. Please don’t feel any obligation to do this, but if you’d like, there’s an email subscription feature (at the top of the right sidebar). You can subscribe, and then unsubscribe yourself at any time.tech_pic
  • Exchange of private documents. A Moodle course page is the private home for the course. This site includes bios of class participants, password-protected resources, and discussion forums.
  • Real-time communication. We’ll use Blackboard Collaborate for regular synchronous class sessions. The entire class will be able to view slides, share a whiteboard, and interact via text chat, audio, and video during simultaneous two-hour sessions each week.

⇧ IBL course home page

This page has the following sub pages.

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