Teaching programs

I teach in both the graduate and undergraduate programs in Library and Information Science. Details about these and other programs I have worked with are given below.

Graduate Program in Library and Information Science–in its most recent ranking of LIS programs, U.S. News and World Report ranked GSLIS in a tie as the top program in the nation. The GSLIS doctoral program marked the 60th anniversary of its founding in 2008, making it the oldest such program in the nation.

The Center for Writing Studies (CWS)–an interdisciplinary academic unit at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that facilitates research and promotes graduate study in the areas of written composition, language, literacy, and rhetoric. For graduate students pursuing M.A. or Ph.D. degrees in participating departments, the Center offers a program leading to a concentration in Writing Studies. Faculty and graduate students from several departments across the University comprise the Center and come together to attend courses, discuss teaching, share research, and participate in the Center’s colloquia.

The Bioengineering department offers BA, MA, and PhD programs. These provide students with educational and research experiences that integrate the sciences of biology and medicine with the practices and principles of engineering. The goal is to achieve a more detailed understanding of biological phenomena and to develop new techniques and devices. The program prepares graduates for highly productive and distinguished careers in research, academe, or business.

The Curriculum, Technology, and Educational Reform (MA)–program is an online Masters of Education degree for practicing teachers and administrators with a focus on Curriculum, Technology, and Education Reform (CTER). It is geared toward teachers and trainers interested in learning more about the integration of technology in the classroom, with most of the interactions through personal computers and Internet connections at home or at local schools.

[The descriptions above are adapted from the instructional program pages.]

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