Academic Writing for Multiple Audiences

Syllabus, Boston College, Fall 2017

  • Meets: 1:00-3:50 pm, McGuinn 011
  • Instructor: Bertram C. Bruce
    • Website, blog:
    • Email:
    • Office hours: by appointment


  1. Goals and objectives 1
  2. Activities 2
  3. Share and discuss writing 3
  4. Policies 7
  5. Resources 9
  6. Calendar and assignments 14

1. Goals and objectives

  • This course is designed to help you develop skills for the types of writing you need for graduate school and career beyond. The assignments build on the writing you are already doing, including topics such as the following:
  • What is academic writing?
  • Definitions, naming, and different ways to organize a text
  • Features of specific academic writing genres/disciplines
  • Critical reading
  • Incorporation of the work of others through summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and citing; avoiding plagiarism
  • Research papers: Claims and generalizations

The course is open to students across campus, in accord with Lynch School of Education Themes.

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