√ Completed CAS/Masters

This page includes students who have completed the Certificate of Advanced Study or Masters (with Thesis). See also

  • Nanthida Joy Barranis, Graduate School of Library & Information Science; Altering user perceptions of applications: How system design can impact playfulness and anxiety, May, 2011 [Committee]
  • Noemi Waight, Curriculum & Instruction, Technology-supported inquiry in a sixth-grade science classroom, June 2004 [Committee]
  • Deborah Fuoss, Graduate School of Library & Information Science; Re-design of the web site for the ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education (ERIC/EECE), December 2002 [Committee]
  • Akihiko Takahashi, Curriculum & Instruction, An investigation of computer-instantiated problem solving (CIPS), June 2000 [Committee]
  • Don Crockett, Curriculum & Instruction, The use of formative evaluation in the development of educational software: A case study of Bird Walk 101, December 1999, The Virtual Birder, Boston, Massachusetts [Advisor/Research Director]
  • Jacob B. Scruggs, Curriculum & Instruction, The science and science fiction of 2001: An inquiry for high school physics students, 1997 [Committee]
  • Chris Burke, Curriculum & Instruction, 4-H Missions in Space: Changing student conceptions through experiential learning, July 1994 [Committee]
  • Hui-Fen Lin, Curriculum & Instruction, “Let’s story!” Chinese preschoolers’ joint exploration of two picture books, 1993; Family Studies and Child Development, Shih-Chien University, Taiwan [Committee]
  • Elizabeth Stuart MacDonell, Curriculum & Instruction, Designing an integrated approach to teaching and learning science: A pilot study of WEE Science, 1993 [Advisor]

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