Co-author of curricula and activity guides in reading, writing, mathematics, and science education, including:

  • Discoveries (D. C. Heath, 1995), documentation and activity guides to accompany a series of CD-ROM based multimedia software (Principal Consultant).
  • Heath Literacy (D. C. Heath, 1995), a K-6 literacy development program (Co-author).
  • Heath Reading (D. C. Heath, 1989), a K-8 reading program (Contributing author).
  • Cheche Konnen (Bolt Beranek and Newman, 1987-90). An investigation-based approach to mathematics and science education for students with limited English (Contributor).
  • Reasoning Under Uncertainty (Bolt Beranek and Newman, 1988), a high school level curriculum for learning statistics.
  • Quill Teacher’s Guide (D. C. Heath, 1983-84), microcomputer-based writing activities.