2 thoughts on “Cherry tree

  1. Hi Chip! A lovely haiku.

    Just a wee update on me. I am in Seattle recovering from cancer surgery: lymph and tongue. The surgery was successful, and the care at Swedish Hospital was excellent. My sister Elle (Eileen) has been taking care of me at a Seattle Air B and B, and has been an amazing nurse and medical advocate.

    I fly back to Fairbanks April 19 and will start radiation therapy in about six weeks. In any case, I am healing very well and in good care. Learning how to talk and eat again is quite messy and humbling. But we begin again. My community in Fairbanks is a close one and my “friend kins” there will also look after me. Luckily, I have Obamacare.

    I know that you have been through the cancer slog and can relate. It’s a game of patience and positivity—as much as we can muster. But I I have lots going for me and feel stronger each day and optimistic that cancer will be just another life event in no time. I am especially looking forward to a glorious, healing summer in Fairbanks.

    I hope that you are in remission still and continue to enjoy good health and getting outside in Wellfleet!

    I read all of your blog updates.

    With love to you and your family,



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