Repairing my lab reports

After cancer and chemo, I feel surprisingly healthy. The main problem is that my blood lab numbers are dismal.

At first I considered looking for a new lab service that could produce the numbers I wanted, but I’ve now come up with a better solution: An AI chat program can do the trick.

I asked ChatGPT to produce a report for a healthy male my age. And did it come through! The numbers are much more to my liking.

You can see the report below. The bottom line is that this way of getting a lab report is easier, faster, and cheaper. It doesn’t require being poked with a syringe needle. Best of all I can customize the results.

What can possibly go wrong?

3 thoughts on “Repairing my lab reports

  1. Can it help with my slap gait issue?  

    Daniel A. HydeSent from my iPhone


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