5 thoughts on “Grab some rays

  1. Hello Chip!!

    Found your wordpress blog just now and thought of dropping a line. How are you doing? I spoke with Anne last year, when I invited her for a peer reviewing assignment. She told me about your wordpress so I guess I subscribed to it but waa not able to drop a line to you! It’s been years, or decade or more!! So much had happened. I am near retirement ( not yet,in 3 years time) and still working, in another University, this time in Manila. But since they “pirated” me, so to speak, from my Uni in Mindanao, they gave me very good options , for me to stay in my Mindanao residence yet still be considered full time!! I am classified as University Research Fellow, at the same time teach in Communication, online, while staying in Mindanao. Worked well especially during the pandemic. I research on risk communication, especially disaster risk, and now, the pandemic, as a health risk and its implications on communication work. How about you? Share some news about you! I hope to speak to you, on a voice or video platform you have there, like WhatsApp, Viber or FB messenger? Do let me know how we can touch base. Take care for now.




  2. I wish I could say that I’d invented a new form of haiku. Perhaps 5-7-6-8-6-5-4? But it was just what I wanted to say. When asked why so many of his songs were not in the 32 measure form, Harold Arlen said that he used exactly enough measures to tell the story. I won’t compare myself to Harold Arlen, but I’ll borrow his explanation.


  3. Chip, I greatly enjoyed your dozing squirrel ode. Is it written in some obscure form of haiku?
    I also felt a common experience with your anorak-rustling confession. I have a very noisy jacket that, if I am not mindful and wear it to exercise class, drowns out the commands of the class leader if I am upwind of her.


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