Little appreciated benefits of cancer & chemo

It’s hard to avoid the negative aspects of cancer and chemo treatment: fatigue, isolation, and ruminations about life. But too much of that and we miss seeing the positives.

Let me name just a few of these:

  1. Losing all those stubborn pounds that have resisted diet and exercise.
  2. Being free to eat ice cream with hot fudge sauce. The fact that it doesn’t taste as good as it once did just means that I can eat all I want.
  3. Postponing dental appointments, colonoscopies, haircuts, and other invasive medical procedures.
  4. No dishwashing, carry out compost, pulling weeds, etc.
  5. Having an unassailable excuse to avoid meetings and other events that I didn’t want to attend anyway.
  6. Being insensitive to ambient temperature. I still get hot or cold, but it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the weather or what I’m wearing.
  7. Unlimited streaming with no guilt.
  8. Good excuse for my slowed walking pace; so much better than “getting old” or “being lazy.”
  9. Learning much about how our amazing body works. Like Heidegger’s broken hammer, we understand it best when it’s broken.
  10. Reminder to focus on the things that matter in the finite time we all have.

4 thoughts on “Little appreciated benefits of cancer & chemo

  1. NIce reminder that despite the horribles, there are the pluses as well. Glad you can appreciate them, dearest Chip.


  2. Chip: sorry to hear you are behind the 8-ball. It is not a pleasant situation. As a similar patient, seven years ago, I also experienced what you itemized above. But that’s all done now, and I have dents in my head from ‘knocking on wood’ for luck. What you will discover, if you haven’t already, is just how nice people can be. Your challenges actually bring out the best in others, you will see. Do the regimen; get it done, and pay close attention to the good deeds of others. The time will come, happily, when you get to return the favor.


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