Pleyel in Paris

Ignace Pleyel

Ignace Pleyel, composer & piano builder

It was nearly two centuries ago (1830) that Frédéric Chopin came to Paris. There, he met Franz Liszt and other musicians; he also began his famous relationship with George Sand.

In Paris, he discovered the Pleyel piano, his lifetime favorite, and performed his first and last concerts at Salle Pleyel, which remains a major, active concert hall.

Shiny Pleyel

Chopin’s waltz on a Pleyel

It’s beyond presumptuous to put myself in that tradition, but still, there’s something very pleasant about playing one of Chopin’s a minor waltzes on a Pleyel in Paris. The piano is new; it’s so shiny that you can see the reflection of the Père Lachaise cemetery (where both Chopin and Pleyel are buried) from across the street.

This apartment has a good collection of Chopin, Bach, Debussy, and other classical composers. There’s a late 19C edition of Beethoven’s Sonatas, as well as Monty Python, Frank Sinatra, and Jacques Brel. There’s even a guest book, specifically for musicians, which was provided by a previous guest in the apartment.

One thought on “Pleyel in Paris


    You reminded me to tell you of another hidden treasure in Paris. The instigator, Richard Laborier, came to a show of Daniel’s in Toulouse several years ago and told us about his project. (See above, events, etc. ) I believe he has a Pleyel piano (a baby grand?) in his apartment in the 9th where he stages all sorts of performances and exhibitions. We lost touch with him after a few visits but still get notices from Zigloo. Interesting guy. Has a place in the country near Toulouse somewhere, hence his presence at D’s show.

    Your digs in Paris sound exceptional. How on earth did you find it?!

    We will not be at the next Cafe Philo as Daniel has an appointment in Providence that afternoon for one of the steps toward naturalization.

    Whole Foods opens in Hyannis May 14th!

    Love from us both — miss you both.


    On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 1:18 AM, Chips journey


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