Minority youngsters dying weekly on Chicago’s streets

So far this school year, 36 children and teens have been murdered–more than one a week–and [Rev. Michael] Pfleger at St. Sabina Church] is among a chorus of weary Chicagoans who say the slayings aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Had 36 kids died of swine flu this year, “there would be this great influx of resources that say, ‘Let’s stop this, lets deal with this,'” Pfleger said.

via Minority youngsters dying weekly on Chicago’s streets – CNN.com.

As Bob Herbert says,

why overlook the humanity of so many others because of their ethnic background or economic circumstances? Surely the slaughter of dozens of Chicago schoolchildren is worthy of wide national coverage. CNN has covered the story, but there has been precious little coverage elsewhere.

via ‘What Color Is That Baby?’, The New York Times, May 11, 2009.

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