School visit stories

One school Principal here told me they weren’t thinking about computers much because they had other priorities. I said, “oh, like basic reading and arithmetic?” He said, “no, I have 100 boys in this school and there’s no one to fix the damn toilets!”

We met with a class of 3rd graders. He told them I was from Texas and asked what they knew about it. Long pause, then one said, “they have squirrels.” I agreed. After another pause, a second added, “they have cowboys.” The Principal then asked, “Anything else? Do you know any famous people from Texas?”

One boy then said “Stone Cold Steve Austin.” Others quickly jumped in with other names I didn’t recognize. I thought the problem was my hearing or the accents, but the Principal didn’t know the names either. So, the boys had to explain that they were all wrestlers from Texas, whom they’d had seen on TV. There’s always more to learn.

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