Top 100 tools for learning

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies in Somerset, England asked learning professionals to identify their 10 favorite e-learning tools, either for their own personal learning or for fostering learning for others. You can see the combined lists with links to their individual lists.

It was an interesting exercise. My list changes depending on situation and purpose. It’s also hard to say whether I should list a specific product or a type. I use Firefox as a web browser, but Safari works almost as well. Should I pick just one, or say “web browser”? Is Google just a “search tool”? It has enough special features to stand out as a suite of tools. For some categories, any of several products are fine. You can see my own list and I’d welcome comments or suggestions for changes.

One thought on “Top 100 tools for learning

  1. Wow, thank you for the information. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist in Pennsylvania and will share your information with all that I can. I will be sure to continue to follow your blog. I also have a blog at and will place a post there to your blog. Thanks.


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