Prolearn Summer School: Usability Panel

The first PROLEARN Summer School was held September 5-9, 2005 at Isik University in Sile, Turkey. The objective was “to contribute to the creation of an institutional culture, integrating distributed researchers across Europe into one community. It provides a framework for structuring a number of on going research, training, and scientific leadership activities.”

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  • online professional development program
  • library & information science
  • 10 units, leading to a masters degree
  • ~100 Ss/year


  • low expertise, high resistance among Ss and Ts
  • low-end equipment
  • courses incompatible with online


  • 100% retention
  • faculty choose
  • now larger than on-campus
  • students around world
  • model for others
  • WISE consortium (13 unis)


  • low-end tech
  • tech support
  • faculty buy-in
  • cohort model
  • coordination with library, advising, etc
  • blended learning
  • mix sync & async

inquiry model

  • appropriate tech for each course
  • participatory design
  • diversity as a resource
  • Learning, culture and community in online education: Research and practice
  • LEEP Virtual Reunion

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