Religion of Grass

I would be converted to a religion of grass.
Sleep the winter away and rise headlong each spring.
Sink deep roots.
Conserve water.
Respect and nourish your neighbors and never let trees gain the upper hand.
Such are the tenets and dogmas.
As for the practice — Grow lush in order to be devoured or caressed, stiffen in sweet elegance, invent startling seeds — these also make sense.
Bow beneath the arm of fire.
Connect underground.
Be lovely and do no harm.

by Louise Erdich

2 thoughts on “Religion of Grass

  1. I first saw this reading inscribed in a display in the visitor’s center at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge just outside Lawton, Oklahoma. Reading this while surrounded by the vast expanse of the Oklahoma prairie grass was a very powerful, and peaceful, experience.


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