W. P. McLean Junior High School

Three years at W. P. McLean Junior High School (now W. P. McLean Middle School) in Fort Worth, September, 1959 – May, 1962. I worked on mythology newspaper in Miss Dierdorf’s class, and later on the school newspaper, The Thresher.

William Pickney McLean Junior High School first opened on January 28, 1936. The school was located at the corner of Forest Park and Berry Street, the present sight (sic) of R. L. Paschal High School. McLean Junior High School moved to its present location on Stadium Drive in September, 1954. In September of 1969 it was renamed McLean Middle School. McLean’s first principal was Mr. E. E. Dyess, who served for 22 years as the principal. In 1954, the McLean Letter “M” Award was begun …[to be] presented to 8th graders who who excel in scholastic achievement, good citizenship, and extracurricular involvement. –School History, William Pickney McLean Junior High School

5 thoughts on “W. P. McLean Junior High School

  1. I attended McLean from ‘66-‘69 and have many fond memories. McLean had a quality academic environment with dedicated, highly qualified teachers. I attended Southwest High School, which prevented my continuing many of my friendships, unfortunately. Great memories!!


  2. I went to McLean in 7th-9th grades from September, 1957 to June, 1960 and then went to Paschal for 10th grade before we moved to Utah.

    Dyess, the principal when I was at McLean, spanked me after I insulted the band teacher behind her back in the lunch room. It was probably the worst experience in my life. I was an honor student at McLean, and Dyess, who by that time, was an old fool was told to spank me. I had sat in his office for more than an hour until he returned from some city-wide faculy meeting. He had no knowledge of my “offense,” which was simply smarting off about a teacher out of her earshot. The problem was that the boy’s P.E. coast whose name was Bray along with another teacher named King *did* hear it!

    I (Dorothy?). Dierdorf and Greek mythology!. I remember her along with Ruth Thrush and a dozen other teachers. My mother was a teacher, usually a substitute, but I don’t she ever subbed at McLean while I was there. She occasionally taught at St. Andrew’s Parochial School a block away.


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