W. P. McLean Junior High School

Three years at W. P. McLean Junior High School (now W. P. McLean Middle School) in Fort Worth, September, 1959 – May, 1962. I worked on mythology newspaper in Miss Dierdorf’s class, and later on the school newspaper, The Thresher.

William Pickney McLean Junior High School first opened on January 28, 1936. The school was located at the corner of Forest Park and Berry Street, the present sight (sic) of R. L. Paschal High School. McLean Junior High School moved to its present location on Stadium Drive in September, 1954. In September of 1969 it was renamed McLean Middle School. McLean’s first principal was Mr. E. E. Dyess, who served for 22 years as the principal. In 1954, the McLean Letter “M” Award was begun …[to be] presented to 8th graders who who excel in scholastic achievement, good citizenship, and extracurricular involvement. –School History, William Pickney McLean Junior High School

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