√ Completed Ph.D.

This page includes information on 95 students who have completed their doctoral study, with their dissertation titles and current positions. I served as adviser or research director on 28 of these projects; other times as committee member or external examiner. There are several other dissertations underway.

Most of the studies were done through Library & Information Science or Curriculum & Instruction, but over a third were done across 15 other departments in the US, Australia, and Ireland.

I’ve included links to the dissertations in most cases, especially the more recent ones. Others may be found in IDEALS. Otherwise, the best way to view a copy is to contact the author.

Word cloud from dissertation titles
Word cloud from dissertation titles

See also

———- 2015-> ———-

  • Mikko Tuomela, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois; Individual reading types and the effects of automated annotation, October, 2020 [Committee]
  • Aiko Takazawa, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois; “Tutteli to Japan”: A case study of spontaneous collaboration in disaster response, May, 2019 [Committee]
  • Claudia Serbanuta, School of Information Sciences, Voices from the other side of the wall: The case of Romanian libraries of the 1970s and the 1980s, August, 2017 [Committee]
  • Angela M. Slates, Educational Policy Studies, Community informatics in education: An inquiry into an out-of-school, STEM education program from the perspective of parents and youth participants, April, 2016 [Committee]
  • Naomi Bloch, Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Deliberating environmental policy: Information seeking and use in Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committees, October, 2015 [Research Director]

———- 2010-14 ———-

———- 2005-09 ———-

———- 2000-04 ———-

———- 1995-99 ———-

———- 1991-94 ———-

  • Sandra Levin, Curriculum & Instruction, The realizations of telecommunications in high school science classrooms: An evaluation of teachers’ use of technology, October 1994, Visiting Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL [Committee]
  • Sook-Hi Kang, Curriculum & Instruction, The effects of computer-based, context-embedded approaches to second-language vocabulary learning, May 1994, Instructional Designer, Korean Educational Development Institute, Korea [Committee]
  • Martha Waggoner, Curriculum & Instruction, Will it work with my kids: Teachers’ practical concept of effective reading instruction, May 1994. [Committee]
  • Jeanne Connell, Educational Policy Studies, Reconstructing a pragmatic theory of knowledge: A transactional perspective, Assistant Professor, Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL [Committee]
  • Deborah Winking, Educational Psychology, The match between current national assessment initiatives in reading and validated dimensions of authentic assessment, May 1994, Senior Consultant, Panasonic Foundation, Pleasanton, CA [Committee]
  • Colleen P. Gilrane, Curriculum & Instruction, Where will we talk about these things next year, when we’re not in this class anymore?: Exploring the role of community in teacher education, May 1994; Associate Professor, Elementary/Language Arts Education, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN [Adviser/Research Director]
  • Montserrat Mir, Educational Psychology, The use of English requests by native Spanish speakers and its relation to politeness functions, October 1993, Assistant Professor, Illinois State University, Normal, IL [Committee]
  • Jane Montes, Curriculum & Instruction, Beyond computation in mathematics: An instructional study with third-grade bilingual Mexican-American children, October 1993; Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL [Committee]
  • Fangmay Lai Kunjung, Curriculum & Instruction, Effects of linear, hypertext, and hypertext with advisement approaches on computer-assisted learning, October 1993, Lung-Ching, Taiwan [Committee]
  • Yuangshan Chuang, Curriculum & Instruction, A quantitative corpus analysis of word frequency and part of speech in the English textbooks used at senior high schools in Taiwan, May 1993, Professor, English, Kaoshiung Normal University, Kaoshiung, and Chair of the National English Proficiency Test for All on the Web, Taiwan [Committee]
  • Raoul Cervantes, Educational Psychology, Every message tells a story: A situated evaluation of instructional networking, May 1993; Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Osaka, Japan [Committee]
  • Min-Ling Tsai, Curriculum & Instruction, The unintelligible voices that make sense: Ting-Ting and Ying learning to be preschool students, May 1993, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education, National Taipei Teachers College, Taipei, Taiwan [Committee]
  • Genell Harris, Curriculum & Instruction, Gateway to educational change: A situated evaluation of a FrEdMail adoption, May 1993, Associate Professor, Elementary Education, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT [Research Director]
  • Haesun Kim Chung, Educational Psychology, Factors that affect the use of instructional electronic message systems, August 1991, Seoul, Korea [Committee]

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