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  1. I’m glad that the post was useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have any sort of bibliography for that, other than what you can find easily in a web search. But please let me know what you discover.


  2. Good afternoon Dr. Bruce – I found your blog through a 2015 post about Desmond X. Holdridge. I recently read his [wonderful] book about living in the Caribbean in the 30s, “Escape to the Tropics.” I am tracking down all he wrote in his short life – did you compile your own bibliography of his work, and if so can I beg a copy? Thank you for your post, it gave me more things to look for. All the best, Larry Helm lhelm1968@gmail.com


  3. Hi, Chip! Just thinking of you (and stalking you online a bit) after ragging Kevin Leander on his 59th birthday. Wonderful posting about Nepal, and great that you have continued work on progressive education internationally. I’m retired now, most recently from UC San Diego (after U of Michigan and CUNY). — JAY.


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